Company management

Samokhvalov Aleksandr VladimirovichCEO

Pinchuk Mikhail EduardovichFirst Deputy General Director for Production - Chief Engineer

Lobenko Vladimir Viktorovich Deputy General Director for Economics and Finance

Pasko Anatoly VladimirovichChief Accountant

Kashtanov Oleg GennadievichHead of Department - Head of foreign nuclear power plant construction projects

Smirnov Aleksey Vladimirovich Deputy General Director - General Manager of Russian nuclear power plant construction projects

Shulga Igor MikhailovichDeputy Chief Engineer for Quality

Pismenniy Vladimir BorisovichDeputy General Director for Security

Nedelin Evgeny YurievichDeputy Chief Engineer for Technical Development, Control and Welding


Borodin K.A. Director of the Voronezh Construction Management - Energospecmontazh

Tleubaev I.K. Director of the Assembling and Construction Directorate-5

Baenkov K.V. Director of the Republic of Belarus office

Saratov M.A. Director of the affiliated society "SEVEROZAPADNIY" (NORTHWESTERN)

Naidenov V. YuDirector of the Assembling and Construction Directorate-3