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On April 16, 1965, the Minister of Medium Machine Building of the USSR Yefim Pavlovich Slavsky signed an order No. 102 on the establishment of a self-supporting construction and mounting trust for the power and special installations mounting. The new trust was given the name "Energospecmontazh".


Energospecmontazh, PJSC performs in full the following types of work:
  • Installation of nuclear power plants;
  • Installation of heat power plants;
  • Reconstruction of nuclear power plants;
  • Installation of research reactors and test benches, facilities for processing and utilization of liquid radioactive waste;
  • Installation of chemical production equipment;
  • Manufacturing and installation of metal constructions, pipelines, non-standardized equipment;
  • Development of design and technological documentation;
  • Laying of external pipelines for various purposes;
  • Performance of general contractor`s functions when performing complex of construction and special works on the construction of industrial facilities.

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As of today, Energospecmontazh, PJSC is the largest industry organization that performs heat installation works at nuclear power plants and participates in construction and assembly works at various facilities of Rosatom State Corporation.
Kalinin NPP
Ростовская АЭС
Нововоронежская АЭС
Нововоронежская АЭС-2
Государственный научный центр Российской Федерации – Физико-энергетический институт имени А.И. Лейпунского (ГНЦ РФ – ФЭИ)
Всероссийский научно-исследовательский институт экспериментальной физики (РФЯЦ-ВНИИЭФ)
Всероссийский научно-исследовательский институт неорганических материалов им. академика А.А. Бочвара (ФГУП ВНИИНМ им. А.А. Бочвара)
«Опытное конструкторское бюро машиностроения им. И. И. Африкантова» (ОКБМ)
В настоящее время ОАО «ЭСМ» участвует в работах по реконструкции ТЭЦ в г. Сарове
ОАО "Кирово-Чепецкий химический комбинат им. Б.П. Константинова"



107150, Moscow, Boytsovaya Street, 27
Tel./Fax: (499) 169-42-25, (499) 160-89-03
e-mail: konesm@ensm.ru

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