About company

On April 16, 1965, the Minister of Medium Machine Building of the USSR Yefim Pavlovich Slavsky signed an order No. 102 on the establishment of a self-supporting construction and mounting trust for the power and special installations mounting. The new trust was given the name "Energospecmontazh".

Energospecmontazh, PJSC performs in full the following types of work:
  • Installation of nuclear power plants;
  • Installation of heat power plants;
  • Reconstruction of nuclear power plants;
  • Installation of research reactors and test benches, facilities for processing and utilization of liquid radioactive waste;
  • Installation of chemical production equipment;
  • Manufacturing and installation of metal constructions, pipelines, non-standard equipment;
  • Development of design and technological documentation;
  • Laying of external pipelines for various purposes;
  • Performance of general contractor`s functions and the full range of construction and special works in the construction of industrial facilities.