History of the company

From the first steps of the nuclear industry development in the country, there was a need to establish assembly units for the implementation of advanced scientific and design ideas. In 1944, in the Glavpromstroy system (Head department of the enterprises, buildings and related structures construction design) of the NKVD of the USSR, a division was set up under the direction of A.N. Komarovskiy. At the beginning, the unit consisted of three assembly organizations, by the end of the 1940s there were ten of them. They operated at the main and auxiliary nuclear construction projects of that time - in the areas of Chelyabinsk-40, Tomsk-7, Krasnoyarsk-26, Novosibirsk, Glazov, Kirovo-Chepetsk, Frunze, Navoiy, Elektrostal and others.

Two years later, the assembly offices were reorganized into the Glavpromstroy Assembling Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR. They performed work on manufacturing and assembling of building metal structures, technological and sanitary pipelines, and ventilation systems. Installation of the main process equipment, electrical installation works, control and measuring instruments assembly, automation systems, specialized assembly works were carried out by organizations of other ministries-People's Commissariats: by Soyuzprommontazh, Elektromontazh, Uralstalkonstruktsiya, Teplokontrol and others. Moscow Office no. 12 was opened on December 7, 1953 in Glavpromstroy. The head of it became A. S. Ponomaryov.

On April 16, 1965, the Minister of Medium Machine Building of the USSR Yefim Pavlovich Slavsky signed an order No. 102 on the establishment of a self-supporting construction and mounting trust for the power and special installations mounting. The new trust was given the name "Energospecmontazh".

The trust was established in order to improve the structure of the assembly organizations based on pre-existing assembly and construction departments no. 12, no. 19, as well as the assembly and construction department of the Scientific and Research Development Institute of Assembly Technology. At the same time, assembly and construction department-19 and assembly and construction department of the Scientific and Research Development Institute of Assembly Technology were abolished, and the specialized subdivisions that were part of them were subordinated directly to the Energospecmontazh trust. The newly formed trust also included the Mechanization Department.

Enterprises that became part of the new trust were organized and developed to create a domestic nuclear industry. They had extensive experience in the system of Glavpromstroy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and then of the USSR Ministry of Medium Machine Building.

In that, already far back 1965, the next works were performed:
  • in Navoiy hydroelectric power station, in Shevchenko - at CHPP "M", in Stepnogorsk
  • at CHPP-75, in Melekess
  • at the facilities of the Nuclear Reactor Research Institute and in Elektrostal

In addition, subdivisions of the trust conducted general and sanitary works in Elektrostal, Melekess and Obninsk, as well as at the facilities of the First Construction and Assembly Trust in Moscow and the Moscow Region.

This explains the trust's membership in the following offices and sections:

  • Assembly and construction department no.14 (Melekess);
  • Assembly and construction department no. 12, which carried out works in Moscow and Moscow region (except for Elektrostal);
  • Specialized assembly and construction sites (Elektrostal, Navoiy, Shevchenko, Obninsk, Stepnogorsk);
  • Elektrostal Experimental Plant;
  • Management of mechanization.
In 1967 Assembly and construction department--14 was transferred to the Uralprommontazh trust, and specialized sites in Obninsk, Navoiy and Shevchenko were elevated to the rank of the assembly and construction directorates no. 86, 87 and 88 of the Energospecmontazh Trust.

Since 1967, the Trust has been commissioned to perform assembly works at the facilities constructed by the Northern Construction Department. In the village of Sosnovy Bor near Leningrad, a specialized site was created, already in the next year it was transformed into the Assembly and construction department no. 90.

In 1968-1969, the trust worked on the construction of a large number of energy facilities, situated on the areas headed by Mashera, Toptunov, Gorokhovsky, Pichugin, Pokrovsky and others, and in the Moscow region.

A sharp increase in volumes led to the decision of the management to establish the assembly and construction no. 91 based on the Elektrostal Specialized Site. It was found in 1969.

Industrial Enterprises management was the part of the Trust for only one year. It included the Elektrostal Experimental Plant and its affiliated societies in Kotlyakovo (Moscow) and Obninsk, and all power trains and mobile thermal power plants, existed in the trust. In February 1967, after the power trains and moving TPPs were transferred to the USSR Defense Ministry, the Industrial Enterprises management was dissolved.

Therefore, in 1968 the structure was formed in the trust that in subsequent years has undergone relatively minor changes:
  • Assembly and construction department no. 12 (Moscow). Head - L. S. Nemshilov, chief engineer M. G. Fridman. The structure of this department included a specialized assembly and construction site of the specialized assembly and construction department - 5 in Kaluga under the leadership of V.V. Sergeev;
  • Assembly and construction department no. 87 (Navoiy) Head - R. I. Kaplan, chief engineer A. I. Ilyichev;
  • Assembly and construction department no. 88 (Shevchenko) Head - V. M. Astakhov, chief engineer K. A. Koblitskiy;
  • Assembly and construction department no. 90 (Lomonosov - Sosnovy Bor settlement). Head - Yu. K. Yakshin, chief engineer A. N. Myshko;
  • Assembly and construction department no. 91 (Elektrostal). Head - E. P. Tkachenko, chief engineer Yu. A. Shuvaev;
  • Department of Mechanization and External Communications - (Moscow) with sites in Obninsk, Kaluga, Elektrostal, Melekess, Shevchenko, Navoiy and Sosnovy Bor. Head - N. M. Tochkin, chief engineer I. I. Krizovskiy;
  • Specialized assembly and construction department - 7 (Stepnogorsk) Head - V. Ya. Kondrakov, chief engineer M. F. Gavronov;
  • Building plot for own construction (Moscow and Elektrostal). Head - G. D. Pushkov;
  • Experimental plant (Elektrostal). Director - B. A. Bolshakov (until 1970 - G.V. Kozlov);
  • Associated society no. 1 (Kotlyakovo, Moscow). Director - S. I. Shimanko;
  • Associated society no. 2 (Obninsk). Director - E. G. Volkhin.

In 1972, the assembly and construction department no. 92 (Krasnokamensk) was included in the Energospecmontazh Trust, transferred from the Vostokkhimmontazh Trust.

At the same time, the specialized assembly and adjustment department no. 11, which was previously subordinated to the Promelektromontazh Trust, joined the trust.

At the end of 1975, the structure of the trust included:

  • 8 assembly and construction departments;
  • 1 assembly and adjustment department;
  • 2 specialized assembly and construction sites;
  • 3 plants (incl. 2 associated societies).

On February 23, 1982, Minister E. P. Slavskiy signed an order "On the reorganization of the Energospecmontazh Trust in the Industrial Assembly and Construction Association of the 12th General Directorate." By this time, the specialization of the association was clearly defined: execution of installation works on the construction of nuclear and thermal power plants, boiler houses, mining and mining processing complexes.

Association already had 12 administrations departments included (Assembly and construction department no.1 (Kirovo-Chepetsk), Assembly and construction department no.16 (Khimki), Assembly and construction department no.58 (Glazov), Assembly and construction department no.86 (Obninsk), Assembly and construction department no.88 (Shevchenko), Assembly and construction department no.90 (Sosnovy Bor), Assembly and construction department no.91 (Elektrostal), Assembly and construction department no.92 (Krasnokamensk), Assembly and construction department no.93 (Kaluga), Assembly and construction trust no. 3 (Snechkus), Specialized assembly and construction department no.11 (Moscow), Production and processing equipment agency (Elektrostal) and 4 plants Elektrostal, Obninsk, Moscow and Kirovo-Chepetsk, and the total number of workers was 15 000 people.

At the same time, they began installation work on the Mangyshlak Peninsula, where the site was first organized, and then the Assembly and construction department no. 88. This department performed assembly works at three thermal power plants during the construction in Shevchenko, the ore-mining and ore-processing complexes, at the construction of a unique fast neutron reactor БН-350, and the construction of the first desalination plant in the country that provided fresh water to Shevchenko and its enterprises, and the construction of a chemical plant in Uzen.

At the end of the sixties, the Trust installation staff started the construction of the Leningrad NPP in Sosnovy Bor.

Here, based on the installation site, the assembly and construction department no. 90 was organized, and subsequently a trust and an experimental plant. Specialists of these enterprises performed installation works at four power plant units, at the construction of Sosnovy Bor and research institutes.

In the seventies, the Trust carried out works in Krasnokamensk, Chita region and at the Priargunsky Mining and Chemical Integrated Plant. From the first days of construction of the city and the plant, the team performed a huge complex of assembly works on the construction of workshops, mine complexes and mines, thermal power plants and city facilities.

In addition to the above, our installation staff worked hard to build the two largest power units at Ignalina NPP and in Snechkus (Lithuania). Lithuanian station became the first-born in a new series of nuclear power plants equipped with uranium-graphite channel type reactors RBMK-1500. At the power units and the construction of Snechkus, a specially designed assembly trust and an experimental plant were built there. As a result, the facilities were constructed at a high organizational and technical level and finished within the terms set by the government.

The units of the production association worked hard during the emergency containment at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. For four years, since May 1986, the installation team was working as a part of the Chief Directorate Mounting Department, building a sarcophagus for the fourth destroyed unit; they were participating in the construction of a refrigerating slab under the foundation of the reactor, and in the restoration of the boiler houses in Chernobyl.

Team of the Energospecmontazh Industrial Association as a part of the Mounting Department: highly skilled workers - 1234; engineers and technicians - 474. Many installers repeatedly came to Chernobyl voluntarily. The team honorably coped with the tasks entrusted to it.

A special role in the creation, formation and training of the Energospecmontazh Industrial Association belongs to its remarkable, talented director - Vladimir Ivanovich Rudakov.

A highly qualified engineer B. S. Andrianov made a great contribution to the development of technical services of the association and its units.

It should be noted that for forty years of its existence, the specialists of the Trust, then the Industrial Association and onwards - Energospecmontazh, PJSC, have been repeatedly involved by the Ministry of Defense for the construction of missile systems, nuclear submarine reactors and other especially important facilities.

The honors of the Socialist labor hero were the given to the team mangers (foremen) A. A. Pakhalkin, G. P. Maryasov, V. A. Bratkov, A. I. Kozlovskiy, V. I. Dostovalov, Head of the assembly and construction department K. A. Koblitskiy, awarded three Orders of Lenin. Hundreds of supervisors, assemblers and engineers were awarded high state awards.

It must be mentioned the huge contribution of the heads of departments and plants - R. I. Kaplan, V. P. Kamenskiy, L. S. Nemshilov, B. A. Bolshakov, A. N. Myshko, V. A. Shikina, V. M. Mitschenkova, V. E. Kisel, A. V. Shevchenko, A. E. Pedos, V. Ya. Kondrakov and many others.

Certainly, the directors, who headed the enterprise at different times, made significant contribution to the formation and development of Energospecmontazh: N. K. Smaznov, V. I. Rudakov, B. S. Lazukov, V. S. Andrianov, Yu. K. Chashkin.

Anatoly Vasilyevich Shevchenko, General Director of Energospecmontazh, PJSC, made a major contribution to the development of the Association. During the difficult years of the reorganization of the Industrial Association, which coincided with the restructuring in the country, he managed to retain the best part of the highly qualified team, which continued to perform responsible work at the facilities of the Ministry of Nuclear Energy and other branches of the national economy.


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