Company management

Pinchuk Mikhail Eduardovich
Nedelin Evgeny Yurievich
Chief Engineer
Lobenko Vladimir Viktorovich
Deputy General Director for Economics and Finance
Pasko Anatoly Vladimirovich
Chief Accountant
Shulga Igor Mikhailovich
Deputy Chief Engineer for Quality
Pismenniy Vladimir Borisovich
Deputy General Director for Security
Kalinin D.B.
Kalinin D.B.
Osipov Alexander Alexsandrovich
Head of administration
Savelova Oxana Igorevna
Deputy General Director for personnel
Lobanov Iliya Sergeevich
Head of the procurement Department

Management of affiliated societies

Borodin K.A.
Director of the Voronezh Construction Management - Energospecmontazh
Tleubaev I.K.
Director of the Assembling and Construction Directorate-5
Baenkov K.V.
Director of the Republic of Belarus office
Popov G.V.
Director of the Branch Office in the PeopleТs Republic of Bangladesh
Dobynda M.A.
Director UMIAT


107150, Moscow, Boytsovaya Street, 27
Tel./Fax: (499) 169-42-25, (499) 160-89-03

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