Second tier of the containment shell was finished at power unit no. 2 of the Novorononezh NPP-2

На энергоблоке №2 Нововоронежской АЭС-2 смонтирован 2-ой ярус купола защитной оболочки 09.06.2016

Energospecmontazh, PJSC professionals performed another unique operation: Installed a second tier to the proper position (with mark +49,005 until the mark +57.140) of the dome of the reactor building external protective shell at the power unit no. 2 of Novovoronezh NPP-2 under construction. The weight of the mounted element was more than 165 tons, diameter - 46 meters. Previously, the tier was assembled and welded from separate sectors on the erecting yard. The lifting and installation of the heavy construction was carried out with the help of a crawler crane Demag 6800CC. In the future specialists of the affiliated society Voronezh Construction Management - Energospecmontazh will have to install the final mounting element of the zenith of the external protective shell dome (147 tons) and to concrete the dome of the protective shell - use more than 2800 m3 of concrete. The protective shell of the reactor building serves as a barrier to prevent the release of radioactive substances to the outside in case of Design Basis Accidents, as well as a reliable protection against extreme physical actions (earthquake, aircraft crash, etc.)

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