Concreting of the external protective shell dome was finished at power unit no. 2 of the Novorononezh NPP-2


Energospecmontazh, PJSC by the forces of the Novovoronezh building affiliated society Voronezh Construction Management - Energospecmontazh completed the concreting of one of the most important and responsible designs of the reactor building - the dome of the external protective shell on September 30, 2016. The work was performed at a height of over 60 meters with specially equipped platforms, while concrete was fed upwards by powerful stationary concrete pumps. In total, about 200 cu. m of the concrete were placed in the prefabricated steel structures of the upper part of the dome. Now according to technology within 7 days, activities on concrete curing will be performed: maintenance of humidity and temperature conditions, protection from direct sunlight. After a set of concrete strength, the test samples will be tested for compliance with the design requirements for mechanical characteristics, frost resistance and water resistance.
The outer protective shell, together with the previously made internal containment of the reactor compartment, is intended to serve as a reliable protection of the reactor against possible external physical impacts (earthquake, aircraft crash) and at the same time to prevent the release of radioactive substances to the outside. The outer protective shell concreting completion marks the end of the construction of the main building structures over the hermetic part of the power unit no. 2. The next stages for the Energospecmontazh, PJSC builders will be the completion of works on the construction of the ventilation pipe and the rooms of heat exchangers for passive heat removal.

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