Reactor pressure vessel is mounted at Belarusian NPP


Energospecmontazh, PJSC at the construction of the Belarusian NPP on April 01, 2017 performed the installation of the VVER-1200 reactor vessel, which marks one of the most important stages of NPP construction. The reactor vessel has a weight of 330 tons, a diameter of 4.6 meters, and a height of more than 11 meters and is the most powerful of the pressurized water-cooled water-moderated reactors produced in Russia. Electrical power - 1200 MW. Initially, the reactor vessel was lifted to the platform of the transport portal, and then it was moved to the central hall with the rail cart and then, with the help of a regular crane of circular action and a special crosshead, installed to the proper position in the reactor building. A complicated and unique in terms of precision assembly operation was carried out by specialists of the Belarusian affiliated society of Energospecmontazh, PJSC (director K. V. Baenkov, site supervisor Kolobov M. M., superintendent Yerukh S. O., team manager Fedosov S.) Then, the assembling team will have to install steam generators and weld pipelines of the main circulation circuit, which connects the main equipment of the reactor installation.

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