Four steam generators were assembled at Belarusian NPP

На Белорусской АЭС смонтированы четыре парогенератора 17.04.2017

Energospecmontazh, PJSC installation staff at the site of Belorussian NPP Power Unit 1 under construction, on April 13, 2017 completed the installation of 4 steam generators related to the main equipment of the VVER-1200 reactor facility. The weight of one steam generator is 330 tons, length 14 m, diameter 4.5 m. With the help of the powerful self-propelled crane "Liebherr LR 11350" each steam generator first was lifted to the receiving platform of the transport portal of the reactor building, then moved to the reactor hall along the rails with the transfer cart till the mark of 26.3 m and further with the help of a regular crane of circular action through the openings in the ceiling was installed on the standard supports in the premises at the mark of 14.5 m. The assembly operations were carried out on schedule with full compliance with the requirements of the construction and technological documentation. In early April, the specialists of Energospecmontazh, PJSC installed the reactor vessel. After mounting the reactor vessel and steam generators, the installation staff will begin the welding phase of the main circulation pipelines connecting the main equipment of the primary circuit of the reactor facility.

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